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Import, Export and Trading of chicken, hen and turkey

Azipoh Foods is the worldwide poultry trading company and supplier of poultry and other food products. For over four decades, Azipoh Foods has experience in both wholesale and distribution of frozen poultry products. Are you looking to purchase wholesale frozen poultry? We offer a large product range of Chicken, Hen, Turkey, and Duck meat cuts and other frozen food products. With great care, we source high-quality poultry products from all major production regions of the world. Almost all of our food products are EU, HACCP, and BRC approved. Many of our frozen food products are available with strictly controlled Halal certification. Packing sizes can be tailored to wholesale requirements and can be packed in either the Geko brand or plain packaging. For several years our Geko brand is well accepted in many parts of the world. It meets the highest quality standards required for food service as well as retail. We are specialized in wholesale food import. Our main customers are importers and buyers in the following food sectors: Industry, Wholesale, Foodservice & Retail. We deliver our poultry products to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Middle East, United Kingdom, Ireland, and mainland Europe. We deliver in quantities that suit your business, from a single pallet to a full container load (FCL). In short, we ship worldwide to any port. Wholesale frozen poultry food needed for your business? Please contact us with your requirements to receive a quote.

Frozen Poultry Product List

Chicken Products

  • chicken breast fillets
  • chicken legs
  • chicken offals
  • chicken wings
  • whole chicken

Hen Products

  • Hen breast fillets
  • Hen legs
  • Hen offals
  • Hen wings
  • Whole hen

Turkey Products

  • Turkey breast fillets
  • Turkey legs
  • Turkey offals
  • Turkey wings
  • Whole turkey

Duck Products

  • Duck breast fillets
  • Duck legs
  • Duck offals
  • Duck wings
  • Whole duck
  • Roasted duck

Label: Geko
Origin: Europe
Spec: Frozen
Freezing process: Individually Quick Frozen
Packaging: Varies
Certification: HACCP | Halal
Delivery: From single pallet to full container load.

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